This is the perfect place to catch up on Pastor Jon’s previous messages, or to research more about what our message really is as a church. We also have provided you with the Scripture text, main point, and any sub-points for each message. We pray that the application of these messages are a profound blessing in your life, and please let us know if you have any questions.


Fifth in the series “Your Part In The Big Story”


Revelation 2:18-29

Main Point:  No matter the size of the ministry, Jesus considers toxic beliefs among his people to be intolerable.

  • This church is important even though it is obscure [18-19]
    • 1John 5:18-21
  • This church has problem with how it handles teaching [20-23]
    • 1 Kings 16: 31 – 33
    • Jeremiah 17:10
    • Galatians 6: 7 – 8
  • This church will have access in Jesus to all they ever need [24-29]
    • Psalm 2:6-9
  • Application Questions
    • What are some great things that God is accomplishing through you?
    • What are some encouraging things you see God accomplishing through this church?
    • What are some of the unbiblical perspectives of the world system that you find alluring?
    • What are some of these teachings that you share with others?
    • How has God truly provided for your real needs in Jesus?

Fourth in the series “Your Part In The Big Story”

Revelation 2:12-17

Main Point: The values of God’s people must be different than the values of the world around them.

  • 1. This church stands strong even in a tough environment [12-13]
    • Luke 9:26
  • 2. This church tragically compromises with the world system [14-16]
    • Numbers 31:16
    • Hebrews 4:12-13
  • 3.  This church can receive identity and provision from God [17]
    • 1 John 5:5
    • Romans 8:37
    • John 6:35
    • 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Applications and Next Steps:
    • Where do you look for a clear sense of your identity?
    • When are some times in your life that you have remained faithful to Jesus even when it actually cost you?
    • What words of encouragement is Jesus giving you today?
    • What aspects of the world system tempt you to compromise your values?
    • In what do you trust to ultimately provide your needs?

Second in the series “Your Part In The Big Story”

Revelation 2:1-7

Main Point: No matter how solid our spirituality is, without love we are not living according to our identity.

  • 1. This church has a great many things going for it. [1-3, 6-7]
    • Ephesians 2:10
    • 1 John 4:1-3
  • 2. This church has the most important thing fading away. [4-5]
    • 1 John 2:15
    • John 13:34-35
    • 1 Corinthians 13:1-3
    • 1 John 5:3-5
    • Genesis 3:22-24
  • Application and Next Steps
    • Remember – What was it like to be in close relationship?
    • Repent – What needs to be removed from my life?
    • Do – What needs to be added back into my life?

First in the series “Your Part In The Big Story”

Revelation 1:1-20

Main Point: Christ > Caesar

– The resurrected Christ is absolutely amazing [4-8, 13b-16]
– Zechariah 12:10
– Matthew 26:64
– Daniel 7:9-10, Daniel 7:13-14
– The resurrected Jesus is always available [12-13a, 16a, 17-18]
– John 10:28
– Matthew 28:8-10
– The resurrected Christ is actively authoritative [1-3, 9-11, 19-20]

Application Questions:
– What is something about Jesus that you find astounding?
– How often do you subjectively experience the presence of the resurrected Jesus?
– What mission has Jesus called you to pursue?

By Pastor Jaeuk Jeong

Psalm 51:1-19

– There are 4 points at which we must check our spirit, to see where we need healing.
1. Is our heart pure?
2. Is our spirit steadfast?
3. Do we possess the joy of our salvation?
4. Is our spirit willing to obey God?
– We need the power of the Holy Spirit to change our hearts to make them pure, steadfast, joyful, and obedient.
– When the Holy Spirit changes our hearts, we become whole.

Ninth in the series “Hopeful Despair”

2 Kings 20:1-11

God compassionately understands our feelings and can miraculously respond to our needs.

1. God is paying attention to our honest cries for help [1-7]
– Isaiah 38:15-20
– Psalm 6
– James 5:13

2. God can move heaven and earth to encourage us [8-11]
– Isaiah 7:10-14
– Mark 9:23
– Joshua 10:14

Seventh in the series “Hopeful Despair”

2 Kings 19:20-34

Main Point: When we hear from God in troubled circumstances, he assures us that help is on its way.

– God is already aware of the situations we face [20-27]
– Psalm 2:1-6
– Psalm 139:1-6
– God has good long-term plans for his people [29-31]
– Isaiah 9:6-7
– Romans 8:28
– God will act for the renown of his trustworthiness [32-34]
– Psalm 46:8-11
– Ephesians 2:6-7

– Application Questions:
– How does a person go about hearing God in their everyday situations?
– How should our trust in God and his plan effect our goals?
– How can we show we care about God’s renown?

Sixth in the series “Hopeful Despair”

2 Kings 19:8-19

Main Point:  When dealing with difficult circumstances, we can still communicate both gratefully and honestly with God.

  • God deserves for us to give absolute respect [15-16a, 19b]
    • Isaiah 6:1-4
    • Isaiah 37:16-20
  • God desires for us to keep it real [16b-19a]
    • Psalm 46:4-7
  • Application questions:
    • In your prayers do you take time to praise God for who He is and what He has done in the past?
    • Are you honest with God about the reality of your suffering, or do you try to downplay the situation?
    • What are the idols that you tend to turn to successfully navigate the world system?