A Broken Jar, A Broken Woman, And A Broken Heart

Fifth in the series “Jesus Is For The Broken”

Luke 7:36-50

Main Point:  Those who truly appreciate Jesus are those who embrace the depth of the miracle of forgiveness.

  • 1.  Giving Jesus the bare minimum expected of you [36,39-46]
    • Simon is interested in Jesus, but only does the bare minimum for Him
      • Simon’s motives for inviting Jesus to his home are unclear
    • Simon assumes Jesus is not a prophet, however he keeps that to himself
      • He doesn’t believe Jesus has any special insight about the situation with the woman
      • He doesn’t believe Jesus is aware of just who the woman is
    • He addresses Jesus respectfully
    • He does not give Jesus water for His feet, or greet Him with a kiss
    • A denarius (pl. denarii) is a day’s wage for a laborer or soldier
    • Simon fails to recognize his need of much forgiveness, and therefore loves Jesus little
  • 2.  Giving Jesus an extravagant demonstration of gratitude [37-38, 47-50]
    • The woman is a notorious sinner
      • It took courage for her to even appear at Simon’s house
      • ointment = fragrant oil
    • The woman is overcome with sorrow and shame for her sins
    • Her actions show her gratitude for her forgiveness
      • Letting her hair down was considered immodest
      • She sacrifices her beauty by wiping her tears off of Jesus’s dirty feet
    • Jesus acknowledges the woman’s many sins
      • He elevates standards of holiness rather than diminish them
        • This reflects the character of the Father
      • He does not define sins out of existence, or minimize them
    • One cannot experience God’s forgiveness without admitting their need for God’s grace
      • The woman recognizes her need of God’s grace, which is why she shows her love for Jesus
    • Who can forgive the sins people commit?
      • Jesus can, which demonstrates He is much more than a prophet
    • “Go in peace” = “experience Yahweh’s shalom”
      • Jesus heals the woman’s heart because she has faith
    • Faith is a believing response to God’s grace
    • Jesus does for the woman what she could not do for herself
      • Her response is gratitude
    • 1 John 4:19
    • Ephesians 2:8-10
  • Applications and Next Steps:
    • How do people cope with shame unhealthily? What is the proper way to deal with shame in a Christian’s life?
    • What is a dramatic gesture that you could make that would express your thanks for Jesus’ forgiveness?