Compassion In Interactions And Interruptions

Seventh in the series “Jesus Is For The Broken”

Luke 8:40-56

Main Point:  No matter who you are, Jesus is weaving his mercy into the complex story of your life.

  • 1.  Jesus’ mission is never interrupted by our desperate need [40-47]
    • Jesus is concerned with meeting our needs
    • Jairus’ request conveys both trust in Jesus and urgency
    • The bleeding woman had been sick for the entirety of Jairus’ daughter’s life
      • Her bleeding made her ceremonially unclean
        • Could not go to the synagogue
        • Could not really participate in society
      • She went broke buying remedies for her illness, but to no avail
    • The woman was hoping to just touch Jesus’ garment, be healed, and never have to speak to Him directly
      • Jesus wanted to know who she was to meet her real need
      • Numbers 15: 37-39
  • 2.  Jesus’ power is always experienced through a trusting response [48-50]
    • Jesus can be trusted
    • Jairus’ outlook is hopeless
      • He showed faith by calling upon Jesus, but nothing resulted
      • How did Jairus feel in this moment?
    • When we have obsessive fear, we slip into idolatry
      • Obsessive, controlling fear is the opposite of faith
    • When we trust Jesus, we have peace
    • Luke 13:15-16
    • Ephesians 2:17
    • Psalm 22: 4-5
  • 3.  Jesus’ authority is even extended to our terminal problems [51-56]
    • There is no problem too big for Jesus to solve
      • Around Jesus, death is temporary
    • Jesus doesn’t want to attract “fans” with His miracles
  • Applications and Next Steps:
    • What is a desperate, seemingly impossible need that you need to bring before Jesus today?
    • How do we go about increasing our trust in Jesus?