Encouragement From A Stranger

Fifth in the series “Why Should I Even Care That Jesus Was Raised From The Dead?”

Luke 24:13-35

Main Point:  Jesus is active in our lives even when we don’t immediately recognize him.

  1. Jesus meets us even when we’re going the wrong way [13-24]
    1. Deuteronomy 18:17-19
    2. “Hope” in the Scriptures = “Reasonable expectation”
  2. Jesus expects us to listen to what the Bible teaches [25-27]
    1. 1 Corinthians 15:3-8
    2. Genesis 3:15
  3. Jesus makes his presence known in Christian fellowship [28-35]
    1. 2 Kings 5:17
    2. Psalm 19:7-8
  4. Application Questions:
    1. How are you going to go about learning the meaning of the Scriptures better?
    2. How are you going to more intentionally engage with God’s people this month?
    3. How are you going to respond to Jesus today?