God Is Paying Attention, Cares, And Is Doing Something About The Problem

Seventh in the series “Hopeful Despair”

2 Kings 19:20-34

Main Point: When we hear from God in troubled circumstances, he assures us that help is on its way.

– God is already aware of the situations we face [20-27]
– Psalm 2:1-6
– Psalm 139:1-6
– God has good long-term plans for his people [29-31]
– Isaiah 9:6-7
– Romans 8:28
– God will act for the renown of his trustworthiness [32-34]
– Psalm 46:8-11
– Ephesians 2:6-7

– Application Questions:
– How does a person go about hearing God in their everyday situations?
– How should our trust in God and his plan effect our goals?
– How can we show we care about God’s renown?