God’s Plans And Us

Rev. Bryan Coble, Sow Chicago Community Church

Genesis 12:1-5
How are we supposed to be faithful to God’s purpose?
– we must take a first step of obedience; we have to listen to God
– we must see what is possible, not what is impossible
– when we step out in faith as a disciple, we should hear and obey

Genesis 12:10-20
What can happen when we lose our faith in God’s purpose?
– we can tend to cause problems that God didn’t give us
– we can tend to resort to non-Christlike ways to deal with our situation
Genesis 15:1-6
Genesis 16:1-4

Genesis 17:1-8; Genesis 15-21
How can we grow our faith after we forget to trust God?
– when we remember God’s purpose, He can begin to grow our faith
Genesis 18:1-15
– when we realize God’s plans are impossible without Him, our faith can grow

Genesis 22:1-14
What can true faith in God’s plan accomplish?
– true faith means God will test us
– true faith means you cannot wait to see how God will work
– true faith means we lose the anxiety over the results of God’s plans, and trust the outcome to Him