Having A Heart For Your City

Luke 19:40-44

Main Point:  We are called to see our communities as Jesus sees them, and care for them with his overwhelming compassion.

  1. Jesus’ heart was broken for his region’s great city.
    1. 1 Peter 2:12
    2. Psalm 122:6-7
  2. Our hearts are broken for the great city of Chicago [Luke 13:34-35]
  3. Are your hearts broken over the condition of Lakeview [Luke 23:27-31]
    1. Acts 1:7-8

Application Questions:

  1. How do you go about having the change of heart that allows you to see your city (and others cities) as God sees them?
  2. What are some tangible ways you can become directly involved in bringing the Good News to Lakeview?