Nothing Can Hold Back Jesus’ Mission

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Nothing Can Hold Back Jesus’ Mission

 [Acts 12: 1 – 19]

Main Point

Whatever difficulties and suffering we face as God’s people, Jesus ensures his mission continues to advance.


A Corrupt Villain is _____________________ with God’s People [1 – 5]

A Sleepy Hero is ____________________ by God’s Messenger [6 – 10]

A Jilted Leader is ____________________ with God’s Children [11 -17]

A Furious Politician is __________________ with His Soldiers [18 – 19]


Applications and Next Steps

How can we better deal with times when we are unjustly persecuted.

How can you improve your prayers for Christians?

Who do you know who is in profound need of prayer?

What are the kinds of things we need to be praying for each other?

How are you going to respond to this unstoppable Good News today?\


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