Pharaoh’s New Chief-of-Staff

Seventh in the series “Back On Track”

Genesis 41:37-57

Main Point:  God desires that His people, when given the opportunity, do their work well, and bless others through their efforts.

  1. The dreamer is promoted to leader of the ancient world [37-45]
    1. Luke 10:21-24
  2. The ancient world is rescued by their visionary’s action [46-49, 53-57]
    1. Proverbs 11:26
    2. 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12
  3. The family of promise multiplies even outside their land [50-52]
    1. Genesis 12:1-3

Application Questions:

  1. How could you improve the way that you currently work to the glory of God?
  2. What opportunities do you have in your current workplace to actually help others?
  3. In what areas of your life do you still insist on maintaining final control?