The Better Person

Third in the series “Back On Track”

Genesis 38:1-30

Main Point:  God actually cares about us treading other people with gentleness.

  • God’s people sometimes have highly dysfunctional families [1-23]
    • Deuteronomy 25:5-6
  • God’s concern with morality is primarily that we treat others justly [24-26]
    • Leviticus 20:12
  • God’s goals can be accomplished even through our mistakes
    • Matthew 1:2-3
  • Applications and Next Steps:
    • What is a form of immorality in your life about which you hold a double standard?
    • Who is a person, or a group of people, towards whom you are unjust or prejudicial?
    • How might God still be working out his plan in your life even right now?