The Brothers And The Egyptian Supermarket

Genesis 42:1-38; Genesis 43:1-14

Main Point:  When even a dysfunctional family becomes honest about their need, they are drawn toward a reunion only God could orchestrate.

  1.  Fully understanding our circumstances is beyond us [42:1-26]
    1. Matthew 18:15-17
  2. Blaming God for our problems is always a terrible idea [42:27-38]
  3. Where our hope fails, God’s mercy is just getting started [43:1-14]

Application Questions:

  1.  For what moments of past pain do you blame God for hostility or negligence?
  2. How often do you believe the enemy’s lie that God does not really care about you and your needs?
  3. Who is someone who you need to forgive and perhaps seek reconciliation?
  4. Have you yet resigned yourself to God’s mercy?