The Expert Witnesses

Fourteenth in the series “Your Part In The Big Story”

Revelation 11:1-14


Main Point:  When facing a bitter-sweet end, suffering Christian witnesses are to focus on God’s unstoppable goal.

  • One gigantic angel delivers one unusual booklet [Revelation 10]
    • Daniel 12:5-7
    • Ezekiel 2:8-10
  • The world celebrates the temporary silence of martyrs [1-14]
    • Zechariah 4:6-7
  • Heaven celebrates the eventual answer to all our prayers [15-19]
    • Matthew 6:10
    • Psalm 2
  • Applications and Next Steps:
    • How do you go about experiencing the sweetness of God’s Word? What is your response to the bitter aspects of the message?
    • How seriously do you take your role as a witness?
    • How are you going to express your Thanksgiving to Jesus this week? (More than Turkey & Football)