The Impact of the First Mission Trip

“Love on the Line,” Hillsong, CCLI# 20059180

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The Impact of the First Mission Trip

[Acts 14: 1 – 28]

The results produced by the Gospel are always mixed no matter what field on which the message is sown.

An _______________________________ that journeys deep inland [1 – 7]

The ___________________________ given to the Gentile heathen [8 – 20]

The ___________________________ given to the early churches [21 – 23]

A return ________________________ to their sponsoring church [24 – 28]


Applications and Next Steps

What different response have you seen to your presentation of the Good News?

How could we better contextualize the Gospel to our setting here in Lakeview?

How has God called us to be involved in missions?

How could you encourage the saints of C3 this week?

How could you encourage our alumni and sponsors?

What are the blessings you have in life?

Don’t you want to thank someone?


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