The Most Obvious Surprise

Fourth in the series “Why Should I Even Care That Jesus Was Raised From The Dead?”

Luke 24:1-12

Main Point:  God desires for us to respond to His necessary and predicted acts with faith rather than suspicion.

  1. Sometimes God does things we would not guess [1-5a]
    1. Psalm 30:4-5
  2. Usually god has already hinted at His plan [5b-8]
    1. Luke 9:21-22
    2. Luke 9:43-45
    3. Luke 18:31-34
    4. Isaiah 53:7-10
  3. Often, God is met with unwarranted skepticism [9-12]

Application Questions:

  1. How can we respond better to the skepticism and apathy that our culture demonstrates towards the resurrection?
  2. What is going to be your response to the angel’s declaration today?