The Savior of Scoundrels And Scalawags

Third in the series “Jesus Is For The Broken”

Luke 5:27-32

Main Point:  Being a Jesus-follower includes making inconvenient changes and interacting with uncomfortable people.

  • 1.  Jesus’ offer is to turn around, and never turn back [27-28, 32b]
    • Jesus takes the initiative to call Levi
    • Tax collectors were despised by the people, and outcast from society
      • Therefore, Jesus’ calling of Levi was a scandal to those around Him
    • Levi leaving his post to follow Jesus ended his lucrative career as a tax collector
    • Repentance:  Change of mind and change of action
  • Jesus is not as picky about His companions as we are [29-32]
    • Levi’s banquet was probably quite lavish
      • Jesus was the guest of honor
      • “A converted man will not wish to go to heaven alone.”
      • The Pharisees and scribes were left to eavesdrop outside the feast
    • The Pharisees and scribes did not have the courage to challenge Jesus directly, so they challenged the disciples instead
      • Table fellowship signifies friendship and acceptance
      • “Drinking” intensifies their suspicion:  “What is going on here?”
    • Jesus’ response indicates the “sick” recognize their need of help; the “healthy” do not
      • Isaiah 59:15-20
      • Matthew 5:3
      • Matthew 9:13
      • Hosea 6:6
        • Loyalty: Mercy, steadfast love, kindness, goodness
  • Applications and Next Steps:
    • How does a person go about interacting with sinful people without being polluted by their behavior?
    • What does it actually look like to repent of our sin?