The Source of The Revived Life

First in the series “Alive”

John 5:19-30

  • Main Point:  We can see in Jesus the character and abilities of his Father clearly shown through his ability to bring life to hopeless circumstances.
    • Jesus and His Dad have a wonderfully close relationship [19-23]
      • Genesis 2:7
    • Jesus invites us into the life of relationship with His Dad [24]
      • Romans 8:12-17
    • Jesus’ Dad has appointed our defender to be our judge [25-30]
  • Applications and next steps
    • How healthy is your relationship with Jesus right now?
      • Ask the Holy Spirit to help with an inventory of my relationship with God.
      • Ask God to remind me of times I have been very close to Him.  Express your gratitude to Him for his graceful offer of relationship.
    • How does a person go about developing a more profound relationship with Jesus?
      • Surrender to Jesus as Savior and Lord.
      • Spend some time this week memorizing or meditating on the Scriptures.
    • How should Jesus’ role in resurrection and judgment change our perspective on Him in our every day lives?
      • Entrust something that seems like a hopeless situation or impossibility to Jesus.
      • Repent of deeds or attitudes that are not in alignment with God’s character.