The Third Mission’s Trip – The Long Road Home

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The Third Missions Trip – The Long Road Home

[Acts 20: 16 – 38]

Paul’s conclusion to his ministry in the Roman east gives us a valuable model on how to serve our own community.

Paul’s detailed travelogue of focused purpose [1 – 16]

Paul’s insightful instructions for successful ministry [21 – 31]

Paul’s beautiful example of effective service
[17 – 20 ,32 – 35]

Paul’s honest feelings of mournful lament
[36 – 38]

Applications and Next Steps
How could you improve the way you shepherd those downstream?

How can we be more faithful in sounding the alarm to our neighborhood?

How could you display more humility in serving others?

What is something that you need to honestly lament now?

What is your response to Good News of God’s Grace?


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