The Tower

Ninth in the series “The Beginning”

Genesis 11:1-9

Main Point:  God’s plan of blessing people will happen in spite of a world system that is bent against His will.

  • The world uses its resources to resist God’s purposes. [11:1-4]
    • James 4:4-6
  • God is aware of the twistedness of the world system. [11:5]
    • Revelation 18:4-5
    • Psalm 50:7-14
  • Sometimes God’s good plans start with some demolition [11:6-10]
    • Zephanaiah 3:9
    • Acts 2:5-8; Acts 8:4
  • Application and next steps:
    • What are some ways in which you have used your assets and abilities to resist God’s calling in your life?
      • Repent of insisting on my plans rather than surrendering to God’s plans
      • Ask God to use my assets and abilities to advance His purposes
    • What aspects of the world system are particularly appealing to you?
      • Repent of my idolatry of things that never satisfy
      • Ask for God’s strength to resist temptations
    • What are some things in your life that God might need to prune to allow space for new growth?
      • Ask God to help me see my life from his perspective.
      • Seek God’s comfort and presence during times I face demolition
      • Entrust the course of my life to God rather than trying to force my own will.
      • Surrender to Jesus as Savior and Lord.