The World With No-one Upstream

Ninth in the series “Upstream”

2 Timothy 3:1-16

Main Point:  The world system will eventually degenerate to the point that there is no-one of virtue to serve as a model.

  1. Do not expect this corrupt system to be your friend [1-9]
    1. Avoid following those reflecting chaos values.
    2. Those embracing these values inevitably harm others.
      1. Exodus 7:10-12
  2. Do not imagine you are abandoned in this hostile world [10-16]
    1. Timothy has both the Apostle and family as models.
      1. Matthew 5:11-12
      2. Psalm 34:19-20
      3. Romans 8:38
    2. The Bible is permanently upstream from all of us.
  3. Applications and Next Steps:
    1. In what ways have the characteristics of a self-centered life been unearthed in your life?
    2. What needs to change in your view of the Scriptures for it to be elevated to Paul’s perspective in verses 15 – 16?
    3. How can we apply the example of Paul’s relationship with Timothy in encouraging those who are going through suffering?