What It Looks Like To Be Upstream

Fourth in the series “Upstream”

1 Timothy 4:1-16

What should and should not be part of an influential leader’s life?

  1. Godliness
    1. Step Back
    2. Overwhelming Awe
    3. Proper Worship
    4. Respectful Attitude
    5. Complete Commitment
    6. Jesus-following Lifestyle
    7. Believing Jesus’s story
  2. False teaching always eventually produces ungodliness [1-5]
    1. Genesis 1:31
    2. Mark 7:18-23
  3. Faithful teaching always intentionally provides examples [6-16]
    1. 2 Peter 1:5-8
  4. Application Questions:
    1. Have you received the Gospel of Jesus, the root of the mystery of godliness?
    2. What kind of example are you giving younger Christians who are looking to you for clarity in how to live out aspects of the Way?
    3. What small changes could be made in your life that would make your model for other Christians more compelling?