Which Are More Important: Profits Or People?

Sixth in the series “Jesus Is For The Broken”

Luke 8:26-39

Main Point:  Jesus allows things in the spiritual battle that display the true values of our hearts.

  • Jesus can bring freedom to any level of spiritual bondage [26-31]
    • Demons do not rightfully own things; God does
    • The man’s demonization is a worst-case scenario
      • While the exact causes are unknown, the effects are dramatic
        • Mark 5:4
        • Isaiah 65:1-7
    • The man’s falling before Jesus is not worship, but rather unconditional surrender to a more powerful opponent
  • Jesus will not be present with those who fearfully reject Him [32-37]
    • The response of the townspeople to all that occurred was fear
      • If we are more frightened by what Jesus is going to take out of our lives than excited about what He will bring into them, we’re in a dangerous place
      • Isaiah 17:12-13
  • Jesus clearly wants us to share our story with our friends [38-39]
    • The healed man wants to be with Jesus
      • However Jesus has different expectations of different disciples
    • However, all disciples are called to evangelize
      • Psalm 65:5-8
  • Application Questions:
    • What are things in your life that you tend to value more than helping people in the way Jesus calls us to do so?
    • How does a person go about helping people who are trapped in catastrophic spiritual bondage?