Worship service Sundays at 11:00am

Worship service Sundays at 11:00am

Come as you are
Meet Jesus as he is

836 W. Aldine Ave. Chicago  |  Sundays @ 11:00am

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Welcome to Chicagoland Community Church (C3)

We consider it a blessing to even “meet” you online.

We hope to have the honor of getting to know you in person sometime soon.

C3 is a growing network of people committed to becoming more like Jesus, and helping others discover and follow him.

  • Are you interested in discovering Jesus for yourself?
  • Are you interested in learning what his life-changing rescue looks like for the lives of modern urbanites?
  • Are you interested in finding ways to celebrate what he has done for you by serving others?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, C3 is a community of faith you’re going to want check out.

C3 is not a church for those who think they have things all figured out. We are not a church for those who make it a hobby to judge others. We are not a church for people who are just looking to check the “show up on Sunday” box. 

C3 is a church for those who are beginning to wonder if what they really need in their lives is something quite different. We are a church for those who want to experience authentic Christian community right in the heart of Chicago. We are a church for those who sincerely hope to change the world, but know that first they need God to start changing their lives.

We are a church for the broken, the confused, and the curious. We are a church for those who sincerely hope to relate to people different from themselves. We are a church for those who want to get to know the real Jesus of Nazareth, and not some  caricature fabricated by society or self-proclaimed religious experts.

So we encourage you to drop any pretenses, give up on trying to measure up, and simply come as you are.

You will meet Jesus here as he really is – compassionate even when it is costly, wise even when it seems like folly, merciful in his unmatchable holiness, and gentle in his incomprehensible strength.

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Sundays @ 11:00am

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Jon Pennington - December 17, 2023

Peace in all Circumstances

Romans 15:14-33

From Series: "Faithful - Part 2"

Being God's people in challenging places

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