Worship service Sundays at 11:00am

Worship service Sundays at 11:00am

“Hey, who really is this Jesus guy anyway?”

You may have heard of him as a famous teacher from a long time ago, or maybe you even know that he is the leader of a major world religion, but there may be some things about him you have never heard.

First, Jesus is a real human being. He was a compassionate healer, wise teacher, and taught principles that are so universal they are still applicable in our lives today. He suffered and experienced life just like us, but was never selfish towards God or other people.

Second, Jesus is God the Son. His existence is more than just human, he is able to disclose all that God is because he is God miraculously born as a human. Thus, Jesus is more than just a messenger, he is the message.

Third, the core of Jesus is love. He loves us, and he (being God) through dying took the punishment for our sins towards God and other people by dying on the cross. Thus, he proves that God ultimately loves and accepts us, but not our selfishness. God brought him back to life to prove love’s power and victory, and to give us a chance to be changed by his power.

You can accept this forgiveness now, begin a right relationship with God, and receive the power of his Holy Spirit to change your life simply by trusting him. You then demonstrate this trust by letting him change you into a better person. If you are interested in starting a real relationship with God based on what you have read about him in this website, here is a simple prayer to get you started:

Jesus, I admit that I am a sinner. I have done things that I know to be wrong, and I have done wrong things I don’t even yet realize are wrong. I know that my sin has ruined my relationship with God, who still loves me. Jesus, I believe you became a human being, lived a perfect life, that you died on the cross for my sins, and that you rose again from the dead. Jesus, I choose to trust you and you alone for my deliverance from sin. Jesus, I surrender to you as the Lord and ruler of my life. Make me into the person you want me to become. Please come into my heart. Thank you for eternal life. Thank you for a fresh relationship with God. Thank you for your Holy Spirit. Thank you for forgiveness. Amen.

We strongly advise that you find a Bible-teaching church quickly for their help in beginning to follow Jesus, and we would love to be that church. If you made this decision for the first time right now, please let us know so we can be encouraging you and praying with you. Email Pastor Jon >>