Worship service Sundays at 11:00am

Worship service Sundays at 11:00am


C3 is quite serious about learning how to follow Jesus in the contemporary center-city environment. In order to do this, we need consistent relational connection with one another. The Connection Worship Service is the most public and obvious time for such relationships to begin. Volunteering for the fellowship meal or other outreach events allows us more time to connect, and offers the service and evangelism experience that gives real-world content to discipleship. Being involved in the close relationships of a Context Group (that includes weekly fellowship, worship, nurture, and mission) is vital for long term growth. One-on-one discipleship, pastoral guidance/counseling, discipleship retreats, and seminars such as our Spiritual Formation Tracks provide more intensive opportunities to grow. Please contact Pastor Jon if you are interested in learning about any of the wide variety of opportunities we offer to help you in your spiritual growth.

Current Context Groups



While anyone is welcome to attend any context group, different groups focus on ministering to the needs of the various groups of people in our community. If you want to check out any of these groups, please contact Pastor Jon and he will forward you to the group leader. 



  • Children’s Church – Sundays 11:30 AM, Kid’s Room at C3, Led by Alana Pennington
  • Tangents Belmont Street Culture Group – Sundays 2:00 PM, The Roost Fellowship Hall at C3, Led by Pastor Jon
  • Irving Park Young Families Group – Tuesday 7:00 PM, Hosted by the Webers. Led by Pastor Jon.
  • Edgewater Young Professionals Group – Tuesday 7:00 PM, Hosted by the Jordans. Led by Fred Engstrom
  • Senior Citizen’s Context Group – Wednesday 11:30 AM, Hosted by James Garrett. Led by Rex Wilson. 
  • Lakeshore Young Professionals Group – 4th Friday of the Month 7:00 PM, C3 Conference Room. Led by Pastor Jon
  • Coming soon – Collegiate group at Moody Bible Institute. 

Spiritual Formation Tracks

Spiritual Formation Track 101 – The purpose of this track is for potential  leaders to demonstrate significant improvement in their personal spiritual formation.This purpose is accomplished through scaffolded teaching sessions, technological tracking of spiritual disciplines, multiple forms of evaluation and testing, individual meetings, and structured pastoral counseling sessions.      Register for Track 101>>



Transformative Spiritual Liberation 201 – Coaching towards deliverance in spiritually challenging places. The purpose of this track is to multiply the discipleship capacity of C3by training our core group of lay leaders to be able to effectively coach people they are mentoring through the spiritual liberation process of binding and loosing. Register for Track 201>>


Membership Covenant 

As mentioned above, C3 highly values joyful relationships through a focus on discipleship. Below is the covenant to which we help hold each other accountable: 


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It is our privilege that as God’s people He calls us to invest our time and finances in advancing His Kingdom in our neighborhoods by investing in the local church. 

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